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Continuous organic growth with the help of seo

Having a high-quality organic source of new customers and leads is a goal of most businesses. To build a strong SEO that should meet this goal is a process. We won’t be promising you sky rocket results within first days after launching the SEO optimized website. What we can promise you instead is a reasonable strategy and full transparency with reporting of KPIs. 

SEO ready website


Strategy and execution

Reporting and optimization

Complex seo for sustainable results

SEO ready website

Website is where the SEO adventure has to start. Your web should be SEO ready, meaning it has the right structure, is sending the right data to search engines, is easily crawlable and indexable, and is properly linked. All those points should be clasified as a Technical SEO.

We would need an access to your website to make sure that the technical SEO is set up properly. And we will make sure it will remain this way!


Having an SEO analysis in hand will help you to go the optimal way to reach the goal. Trying to reach you SEO milestones without analysis is like traveling without a map. You know where you're going so you can eventually get there, but with a map in hand, you can just ride the quicker and shortest way, saving a lot of money and time at the end.

With SEO analysis we will primarily get information about your current SEO positions, keywords, and links. But we can also find a lot of information about your competitors and use the knowledge to your advantage.

Strategy and execution

Now when you have the data about your website, SEO of your competitors, and goals you want to reach, it's time to create a plan, define KPIs, and start with the optimization process.

Once confirmed, we will start optimizing your pages accordingly to the plan, making sure it's relevant for you. 

SEO is a process and long-time run, there are different ways of cooperation to take, we will always have in mind the most pragmatic one.

Reporting and optimization

Building a strong SEO is a long-run, but we will make sure we run the optimal direction. We achieve this by advanced reporting for you, so you can have control over what we're working on, what we've optimized, what campaigns we planned, and so on.

Based on data and ongoing progress we will optimize the selected KWs and pages accordingly. If there is some problem during the process, we will make sure to fix it as soon as possible.

SEO service we offer

Keyword analysis

Having a clear path of where you want to get in SEO is a must-have thing, you don’t want to go the wrong way, since you can take the optimal one with analysis, saving you time and resources. Based on your organic plans, we will create a comprehensive SEO keyword analysis including outputs you can take.

You will receive the analysis in an interactive report with an explanation, so you can find the specific data quickly, share it with your colleagues, use it for business plan purposes, and more.

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Competitors analysis

We can find a lot of information on your competitors and use the best from it in your SEO strategy. It’s magic how much information we can actually get, why go the hard way when we can have insights from people in your niche we can use to your advantage?

When it comes to the data we can actually get, we can extract what keywords are your competitors using, how it performs in different countries, what landing pages they target, on what websites they have backlinks, how specific URLs of their websites perform, how their social media and specific posts perform, what advertisements they have and had in the past, and what are their ads and organic competitors.

Based on those data, we will prepare the most pragmatic path you can take to boost your online presence and SEO based on real data about your competitors. 

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Backlink analysis

Backlinks and linking in general are a significant part of SEO, having a strong backlink portfolio can not only extend the list of new visitors, but it can also boost your domain reputation and SEO ranking.

In your Backlink analysis, you will see the list of existing referring domains and backlinks, their quality, and their potential. You will also get the list of relevant websites you should aim for. We will sort them into categories and explain to you the best strategies for acquiring backlinks on those websites.

We can get inspired by your competitors, scan their backlinks, compare them, and based on where they are, figure out the most optimal websites where you want to be. 

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Technical SEO

If your website isn’t sending the data to search engines correctly, all your SEO efforts will be lost in the deep ocean of the internet. However, with our fishing skills, we can fix your “website ship” so it can sail to your organic destination.

We will modify your website structure if needed, make sure you’re sending the correct data to search engines, have filled your meta values, improve your internal linking coverage, look for duplicate content… We will send you the actual report before we start and after we finish, so you can see what was changed and work with the new structure and setting from now on.

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Content audit

The content of your website is a driving factor for your SEO. Great content is king, as people say, and it’s true. We will analyze the content on your website and tell you how to improve it in terms of SEO and value, how to work with your content more efficiently, and how to think about it. Based on the research you can receive a content strategy and blueprint you can use in the future. We will also optimize the existing content for you, so it truly uses its great potential.

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On-page SEO

On-page SEO included most of the website’s SEO aspects and factors, many of these are part of our other SEO services. Take SEO as a set of topics you want to cover and have exceptional so it can truly attract search engines and your customers. We can improve your SEO as a whole and consider all aspects that are important for you.

Before the start of potential cooperation, we will prepare the strategy, it will mostly consist of On-page SEO optimization. We will discuss it together, and define goals and KPIs. Those values will be also something we will be reporting to you.

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