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Free website audit

A website should be considered as a complex unit made up of many components and influenced by various factors. The most important thing for any website is to accomplish its goals as efficiently as possible, regardless of whether it is orders, leads, downloading an ebook, or reading content. The more in sync the various parts are and the more efficiently they function, the better your website can meet your goals.

We’ve worked on a lot of websites and since certain mistakes are repeated, we would like to help you fix these mistakes and actually show you what is possible with the website and the overall online environment. Therefore we have decided to offer a FREE audit of your website. What should you do? Just fill in your email, name and website address, nothing more.

Why is it good to have an audit of your specific website? During an audit, someone from our team will take a look at your website and go over a number of aspects. Then all conclusions, findings, ideas etc. will be sent to you, including recommendations on how to fix these errors. This gives you free advice on how to improve your website to make it work as efficiently as possible. 

The FREE website audit include:

  • List of errors and recommendations in your specific website
  • Advice and guides on how to fix major errors
  • Information and data regarding performance and optimization
  • What to primarily focus on

In the framework of your website audit, we will focus on the main aspects that are good and often even necessary to address. If required, we will also send you information and ideas outside of these categories. We really care that the information is useful to you. We will mainly focus on:  

  • How your landing pages are working

    How effectively the website works with visitors and whether it leads them efficiently to your goals

  • Design and layout

    Web design has a significant impact on performance and efficiency, so we will send you recommendations on what to improve, delete and complete

  • Sitemap and its structure

    Is the structure of the site functional and are there important subpages for your business?

  • Security and performance

    We certainly won't try to hack your site, but we will look at some security factors as well as site performance

  • Connecting online tools

    What tools do you have connected, what would we recommend and how to work with them more effectively

  • SEO (search engine optimization)

    How your website is optimised for search engines, if it has everything it needs and how to improve it

  • Regulations and GDPR

    Is the website legally sound and are you not at risk of data protection fines? We'll tell you how to fix it

There are many types of audits. In ours, we will focus on your website in general and check it from all possible angles. However, we can go even further, here is a list of different types of audits: Landing page audit, SEO audit, Website accessibility (ADA), Website speed audit, Content audit, Design and UX audit, Financial audit, Social networks audit, Shopping process audit (e-shops), Security audit and more. 

To give you an even a better idea of the potential that an audit can bring to your business, we have more information on the main types of audits (which, by the way, are also covered in ours, and you can get it for FREE).

The audit will also address the following aspects

Landing page audit and conversions

It is crucial for every website that the visitor/customer is guided through the website in the best possible way and that they meet your goals effectively, i.e. conversions. Your specific landing pages (URLs where the visitor lands on the website) should be structured the logical way, so that customer can read and understand them easily and fill your goals.

From the first moment the customer arrives on the site, they should know what you do, how it can solve their problem and needs, that you are the one who can help, etc. The landing page should be logically structured to guide the visitor and inform them properly (work with them) so that at the end they can take a specific action, i.e. your goal (CTA).

Different pages of your website are certainly of various importance to you, and when optimising, you should primarily focus on the most important ones, which is typically the sales page, the e-shop and main categories, sub-pages of services, case studies, etc. It is these most important pages that we will focus on in your website audit.

Security, Legal and GDPR

With regard to the security and privacy of your website visitors, there are certain recommendations and regulations about what a website should have. It is advisable to pay attention to these aspects before it is too late. It will also help you with user experience.

As part of your security, it’s a good idea to focus on key aspects that will protect you from most problems and monitor for suspicious activity. Of course, you should also have a backup system in place and restore the web if necessary. It is also advisable to secure the domain with an SSL certificate. From our experience most sites have one, however many times it is not set up correctly, we will look at this as well.

Most of you are probably familiar with cookies, but are they well specified and handled on your website? Do you have all the information in the Privacy policy section and is your data safe? There are a number of rules. For cookies the visitor should be able to choose which ones they want to allow and which ones to disable (categories) + the ability to change preferences at any time. They should also be informed about the processes and processing methods. Work with this sensitively and non-violently, but with a focus on visitor protection.

Connection of online tools and platforms

There are many tools and platforms online that can be integrated with the web, either directly or indirectly, to improve performance, measure performance, integrate other systems, facilitate communication, etc. The specific tools always depend on the needs of the particular site, but there are basic tools that most sites use.

Direct integration includes tools that are connected to the website, typically analytics and marketing tools, cookie policy tools, chatbots, booking systems and more. In general, they could be classified as tools that extend the capabilities and functionality of a website or obtain additional useful information about it. Keep in mind that each tool is only effective if you implement it correctly and use it effectively.

Indirect tools, or rather platforms, are other places online where it’s good to be to indirectly boost the website. Most often these are social networks or platforms such as Google MyBusiness and (locally). Every business has a variety of other options. The goal is to be in other relevant places and to present yourself effectively there. Often it is possible to simply and efficiently use existing materials, “recycle” them well and usually even multiply their effectiveness.

In a free audit of your website, we’ll look at the tools and platforms you’re using and tell you what could be improved and where to pay more attention.

SEO audit

Many of you are certainly paying attention to search engine optimization. There are a number of recommendations and practices, but it is not possible to make a general list of x bullet points, after which the website will be ranked at the top of the search.

In general, we could divide the processes for proper SEO into four areas – analysis, structure, links, and functional setting. However, underneath the simple names there is always a complex system. We don’t have your website’s keyword analysis in hand, but we will look at everything else as part of your website audit and let you know what direction to take for effective SEO.

"In Outgrow we provide value first, we truly want to help you with the website, that's why we spend time analysing your website and online presence in general to give you the most ideal suggestions and solutions."

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