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unique e-shops focusing on selling and orders

We are ready to open the door to your online sales with a customized and optimized e-shop. The modern and functional design will ensure that customers can easily navigate through the e-shop, get to the products and order them in no time. We will set up the e-shop structure and product display system as efficiently as possible to increase sales. Of course, training on how to manage your orders is included.

E-shop tailored to your needs, we put sales on first place

Focus on sales

For every e-shop we try to put ourselves in the role of the customer for whom we are creating the e-shop, so that they can find the products they are looking for and purchase them easily.

We create a customized e-shop design so that it can meet your requirements as best as possible. We also base our design on analyses which we are more than happy to create for your specific e-shop.

Functional order management

We create e-shops in the WooCommerce system, which has a friendly user interface and order management, and we will of course show you everything and explain how to work with orders.

The WooCommerce system has a variety of useful and advanced features, so you don’t have to worry about missing any of the functionality. If necessary, we can also add extra modules which you will need for your e-shop.

Integration of payments and delivery

Give your customers a variety of options, we’ll connect different payment methods and shipping carriers for you, so that every customer of your e-shop can choose the option that works best for them.

At the same time, we’ll connect automated emails to the ordering process, so customers will be informed about the status of their order, send them an invoice if necessary, etc. We will customize the process to your needs.

Complementary services

We can help you with everything related to your e-shop, so that we can increase your sales and save you time.

  • Automation – we automate various ordering processes and get the information into your systems
  • Email marketing – send personalized emails to your customers and increase your product reach and sales
  • SEO – keyword analysis, on-page seo, competitor analysis, monitoring and reporting

Sell online without limitations

Simple e-shops

Want to sell online but don't have a large budget? For an affordable price, we will create a modern and customized e-shop for you, with all the necessary tools to start your online business.

Simple e-shops

We will be happy to create an e-shop for you. Contact us to discuss the details of our cooperation.

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Advanced e-shops

Sell with no limitations, endless amounts of products and in any variations. We will connect review system, automatic emails, different carriers, email marketing and other awesome gadgets.

Advanced e-shops

Get a powerful e-shop with all the necessary features and great design, contact us and we will be happy to consult you.

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Offer services online

Reach out to new clients with your services, those interested will be able to purchase online, customize your service options, or book an appointment right away.

Offer services online

Offer your services without restrictions, contact us without obligation and we will be happy to advise you on the best way to do it.

I want to sell online

Main benefits of our e-shops

Info about products

Inform your e-shop customers as best as you can about each product. Interactively link to galleries, reviews, parameters, shipping options, etc. It is always possible to select an individual product variant and see the exact price. At the same time, we set up a system of similar products so that the e-shop leads customers to further purchases of useful items.

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WooCommerce system

We create e-shops in the WooCommerce sales system, which is available for WordPress websites. The system has a wide range of settings, but don’t worry, we’ll take care of it. We will work with you to explain how to manage orders, manage clients, how to send additional emails, and how to export your data.

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Focus on sales

Your sales are important to us, so we often create individual analyses before the start of the cooperation so that we can create a functional structure and optimize the website in the best possible way. We design the e-shop with a focus on the customer’s journey and the completion of the purchase of your products.

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Intuitive orders

Shopping cart, shipping address, explanation and shipping options, payment options, thank you page, email confirmation, etc. We will guide the customer intuitively throughout the entire ordering process and provide the necessary information to minimize the rate of unsent orders. 

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Emails and automation

We connect the e-shop pragmatically with automated emails informing customers about the status of their orders. As a part of email marketing, we’ll be happy to set up email campaigns for specific groups of your customers and show them the top products they might be interested in. We can also automate a variety of processes and connect them directly to your favorite tools and systems.

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Shipping integration

We will connect the shipping methods and set up different shipping options and prices. Other countries outside of the Czech Republic are not a problem, we will set specific shipping methods and pricing for each country individually. Save time and money. 

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Interested in a new e-shop?

Do not hesitate to contact us without obligation, we will consult your questions and suggest an ideal solution. Not sure about this? We also offer Free consultations!

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