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Transforming the video agency from scratch, achieving higher sales turnaround and a complete shift in brand perception


Increased inquiries on the website


Reduced pre-sale duration


Increased time spent on the website

The challenge

Lynxvideos, a new brand that emerged from the video production studio formerly known as Creative Animated Videos, has now elevated its offerings to cater to premium full-stack video services. The goal was to completely transform the online presence, define the visuals and styles, establish new communication strategies, implement automation and self-sustaining systems in the background, and ensure the website is more efficient, scalable, and actively updated with additional content.




Defining efficient website and service navigation, and enhancing user experience

One of the core challenges was to communicate the company’s services and uniqueness effectively. Therefore, defining the customer journey and extensive wireframing played a crucial role in the process. Additionally, with the renaming and general rebranding, we aimed to establish high-end visuals without limiting scalability.

Although the website plays a significant role in sales, it is only one part of the overall online funnel. Since we managed this project comprehensively, we ensured the integration of other funnel components.

By leveraging automation, we sped up the sales process, saving time and money for the client. The entire engagement process experienced significant improvement.

Key website aspects we optimized for improved performance

We started from scratch, redefining all aspects to meet the goals of a new website and online presence in general. These are the primary aspects we focused on:


Every stage of the process was carefully planned upfront, allowing us to launch the entire website, including brand transformation, in just five weeks. In the following three months, we expanded the website with a content section, launched social media campaigns, and set up a marketing strategy along with advanced automation of the sales processes. This sped up the entire sales engagement.

Defining the brand, submitting a brand book that includes various logo concepts, defining the site’s architecture, and establishing a communication style.

Defining wireframes and the customer journey. Simultaneously, we prepared the website’s backend and site theme, including website design concepts in Figma.

This stage was dedicated to the website development itself. Due to the project’s time sensitivity, we swiftly provided numerous design concepts, coded, and optimized, and integrated the site.

After the launch, we finalized the website automation and analytics setup, as well as the social media setup (with LinkedIn as the primary platform).

Currently, we maintain the website and continuously extend it with new content we produce. We also manage social media posting and graphics creation. From time to time, we create automations to simplify the agency processes.

We've taken the online presence to new heights, opening the doors to a wide array of new opportunities

From the beginning, the goal was clear: transform the company from a small video studio into a full-service agency. It was essential for customers to see Lynxvideos as a relevant provider of video solutions. To emphasize the video marketing aspect, we integrated numerous graphics and continuously produced educational content and infographics for the content section and social media.

In addition, a significant boost to Lynxvideos’ growth phase was the implementation of many automations, especially in sales and onboarding. This included advanced CRM processes, proposal auto-filling, follow-up systems, and more.

By spreading the word about Lynxvideos and video marketing in general, we continuously improve website engagement and performance metrics. At the end of the day, we track everything in Google Analytics and report back to the client.

We knew rebranding our business would be challenging, but fortunately, we partnered with Outgrow for this endeavor. Their insights and suggestions were invaluable, helping us reposition ourselves in the market more effectively than we could have imagined. As a result, we’ve been able to attract premium clients. The collaboration and final outcome exceeded our expectations, and we are more than happy to recommend Outgrow to anyone serious about elevating their online presence!

Manh Tuan Nguyen

Founder of Lynxvideos

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