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Recruiting website revamp, leveraging the unique selling proposition, and communicating the uniqueness with visitors


More options on how visitors can interact with the web


Longer time spent on a website


Reduced the no. of questions caused by misunderstandings

The challenge

From the beginning, once we started communicating about a new website, the goal was to deliver the right message to the right audience. We needed to think about how to structure the website, present relevant offerings, highlight the business’s uniqueness, and engage people immediately after they land on the site. We also knew the design needed to fit the tech niche where Gradient primarily operates.


Defining the website structure for an optimal user experience for all target audiences

Gradient is well known for providing highly skilled executive technology leaders in Canada. These leaders can help companies at various growth stages. We knew that communicating these growth stages was one of the principles we wanted to leverage on the website.

Even though the primary focus of the website was on executives, there were other target audiences we needed to consider. We started with wireframes to plan the optimal customer journey and layout. Pretty quickly, we came up with the ideal structure, extended with a ‘Growth Stage’ section that we added to several pages, explaining business growth levels and the specific needs of companies at those stages.

We filled our wireframes with copywriting, creating more options, and moved to the design conceptualization stage. In terms of design, the technology atmosphere and emotion needed to be captured from the very beginning when visitors landed on the website. We used a combination of dark and white themes for better flow and information segregation, complemented by some subtle animations for a dynamic experience.

Key website aspects we optimized for the best results

To get a headstart, before proceeding with website scope, we conducted an SEO and competitors analysis, providing us valuable insights we later used during the development. Those are some of the significant website principles we used:


Every stage of the process was carefully planned upfront, allowing us to launch the entire website in just five weeks, including time for client feedback and revisions. Between each stage, we discussed progress with the Gradient team, ensuring optimal output. The trickiest part was finalizing the text, but everything went well in the end, and we launched the website within the deadline.

We started with business research, SEO analysis, and competitor analysis (the SEO analysis was finalized later). This research stage is crucial for us to achieve the best results possible and follow the right path.

We provided wireframes with real texts, where we prepared multiple copywriting variations to present different communication principles.

Creating multiple design concepts with various variations in Figma, finalizing the color palette and font style. Additionally, we prepared various custom design assets for the website.

Coding the website on a staging domain so the client could see the progress in real-time. We then finalized and optimized the SEO, migrated the website to the client’s server, and successfully launched the website.

Comprehensive website transformation to attract new customers and support ongoing marketing initiatives

From the beginning, we knew what we wanted to achieve with the website; however, the specific path to achieving this was unclear at first. That’s why we started with an analysis that allowed us to define a strong structure. The rest was built organically on that foundation. As a result, the website is easily scalable, making it a piece of cake to add more offerings and forms of cooperation.

The investment in design and all the conceptual work we put in really paid off, especially when combined with the social media post assets we prepared.

We’re very excited about the final result and how far we’ve come from the initial seed of an idea.

I’m thrilled to recommend Outgrow for website development! Working with Ondrej and his team was an absolute pleasure. They transformed our Gradient website from outdated to outstanding, creating a beautiful, modern digital space that perfectly reflects our expertise in technology leadership, consulting, and staffing.
Outgrow’s approach was fantastic. They were friendly, responsive, and highly consultative, ensuring we were involved every step of the way. Their speed and efficiency were impressive, delivering a high-quality website that exceeded our expectations.
But it doesn’t stop there. Outgrow’s ongoing support has been exceptional. Their team has been readily available to address any follow-up questions or requests, solidifying a true partnership. If you’re looking for a web development partner who delivers exceptional results and prioritizes collaboration, look no further than Outgrow!

Michael Selim


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