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introduction of a Central Hub Website for our organization: A collaborative effort Leveraging In-House Expertise


More interactions received after the website revamp


Longer engagement time for the first time visitors


Different target audiences the website communicate with

The challenge

Our organization, Globalduck, serves as the central hub for our own projects such as Outgrow or for example Lynxvideos, managing internal activities like human resources. While Globalduck operates behind the scenes and doesn’t directly interact with clients, this often leads to confusion among clients and new members who encounter our name in official documents.

As the “parent company” of multiple projects, it’s essential for us to clearly communicate Globalduck’s role and purpose. Our goal is to create a website that is simple to understand, easy to navigate, and engaging. This website must effectively introduce Globalduck, showcasing who we are and what we do, thereby making it easier for project clients, potential partners, and new members to connect with us.


Defining the website structure, design, and user experience for a dynamic introductory website

Our main objective with this website development is to introduce Globalduck to its visitors, project clients, and potential team members interested in joining our growing digital team. We also aim to make this project enjoyable and exciting for our team members, as it represents who we are. Collaboration is key, with team members sharing their ideas and expertise. This is a kind of project where team members can let a free hand for the creativity, without any “client boundaries”.

Since the Globalduck website is an introductory platform rather than one providing direct project-related services, we focused on designing it with the visitor in mind. Prioritizing user experience and aiming to evoke the right emotions, our goal was to explain Globalduck to a diverse audience. We embraced bold and playful design concepts to reflect the fun we have during the process. To make the site more engaging, we added dynamic motion effects, sliders, and scroll effects. With carefully curated color palettes and lively copywriting, we aim to convey our team’s playful and bold spirit.

We also want this website to be the voice of our members, so we incorporated a testimonial section featuring some of our members. We include their names, countries, and thumbnails with country flags, to establish that we are open to digital talents from anywhere.

Behind the scenes

Since this is an internal project, we treated it like a playground where we could freely express our ideas. This freedom resulted in numerous authentic design concepts, each crafted with the right blend of creativity and emotion. We invite you to take a sneak peek behind the scenes to see how we developed and finalized these concepts. It would be fair to say that not all directions we took were optimal, but this is part of the web design process as well, sometimes it takes some time since something great happens. We knew that for Globalduck website we have a very specific output in mind, so we invested more time into concepting.

Logo and brand

To introduce our new brand, we created a distinctive logo that reflects the uniqueness of “Globalduck.” Our goal was to develop a unique identity through logos, visuals, messaging, and web experiences.

We want to be recognized as an organization that embraces the limitless possibilities of the digital world. This message greets visitors on our website, showing that Globalduck is ready for diverse global digital projects.

Our logo combines the letter “G” for “global” with a duck in a fun and meaningful way. When rotated 90 degrees, the “G” also forms a power button, symbolizing global opportunities.

Design and concept

Since this project is a collaborative effort, we have created a variety of design concepts with many variants. These concepts range widely, from a retro vibe to a modern progressive approach. Some explore bold and solid colors, while others adhere to a clean and minimalist approach. We enjoy experimenting with different font styles and mixing colors, themes, and elements so much that we sometimes struggle to decide which output we truly prefer.

Nevertheless, we love the final look and have added many new concepts to our library for future reference. While we may not use all these concepts, we value each one as an additional asset for the organization.

Key website aspects we optimized for the best results

After brainstorming and sharing ideas, these are some of the significant website principles we applied:


Initially, we planned to complete this project within two weeks. However, due to our involvement in other external projects and our desire to incorporate numerous team ideas, the project extended to three weeks (we could afford that because of the internal character, for client project we’re always on time). The process differed from client projects; being internal, we provided more freedom and encouraged authenticity and fun. Throughout the process, we kept everyone updated on progress at each stage to ensure optimal results and gather feedback. The most challenging aspect was finalizing the design, as there were many ideas from the team. However, everything came together smoothly, and we’re thrilled with the results.

We started by gathering the members and getting their insights. This stage also includes the creation of site structure.

We prepared numerous concepts with various variations in Figma. During this stage, we also finalized the color palette, elements, font style, and new logo design that truly represent the organization.

We have prepared multiple variations of copywriting to present different communication principles that will effectively introduce our organization to website visitors.

At this stage, we will begin coding the website leading up to its launch.

website transformation to introduce globalduck and showcase it's dynamic team effort

Since we’re managing several other projects, we see this one as a playground where we can freely express our thoughts and ideas. Normally, each new project has specific roles assigned, but because this is internal, we’ve turned it into a fun testing ground for team members to explore activities outside their usual expertise. As a result, the website will not only serve as an engaging introduction to Globalduck but also showcase the dynamic team behind it.

The shared ideas and new concepts developed will become valuable assets for the organization, ready to be utilized in future projects.

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