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How we helped a Canadian Salesforce consulting firm relaunch its brand and online presence in general


More options on how visitors can interact with the web


Longer time spent on a website


Reduced the no. of questions caused by misunderstandings

The challenge

With Auventa’s growth trend, there was a need to recreate the website to become a true tool supporting the business and a strong marketing asset. As part of the transformation, we also approached the branding, designed a new logo, and prepared many brand assets. Knowing the importance of communicating many offerings within such a vast ecosystem as Salesforce, we took charge of the entire process, including copywriting and overall communication. See for yourself how we approached the transformation, leading to a next-step-ready website with comprehensive brand initiatives.


Thinking about the best way to present offerings and optimal user experience

Salesforce is a globally recognized tool, known for its comprehensive range of options, where consulting companies usually specialize in specific areas of the platform. At Auventa, the knowledge is truly in-depth, and we knew we needed to present these offerings efficiently. An additional aspect to consider was identifying which parts of Salesforce the service is related to.

We devised a structure divided into “Clouds” (segments in Salesforce) and offerings divided into four subcategories. Although we prepared texts for all of these, defining specific offering items required the help of Auventa. Each service has its dedicated landing page with custom graphics and highlighted details to differentiate and make it easy for customers to interact.

Another aspect we emphasized strongly is social proof; validation is key, especially for consulting businesses. We created several custom social proof banners, integrated testimonial sliders, and highlighted some cornerstone numbers.

All of this supports the customer journey. Immediately upon landing on the website, the design establishes the right Salesforce emotion, allowing visitors to learn the most important basics and unique selling propositions right away. They can easily navigate the offerings, with trust in mind, thanks to strategically placed social proof banners.

Interesting Elements Implemented While Building the Website

For the Auventa project, we used several unique and interesting elements to support the mission of creating a great website supported by a new brand we established and prepared.


By thoroughly planning each step of the process in advance, we successfully launched the entire website within four weeks, including time for client feedback and revisions. We regularly updated the Auventa team on our progress to ensure optimal results. Since the progress was smooth and on schedule, we had extra time to create additional deliverables for their brand assets.

We began with business research. This research phase was essential to ensure we achieved the best possible results and stayed on the right path. Additionally, we provided wireframes with real text, preparing multiple copywriting variations to showcase different communication principles.

We created multiple design concepts with various variations in Figma, finalizing the color palette and font style. Additionally, we prepared several custom design assets for the website and began the process of creating the new logo.

In addition to custom banners, a social media post template kit, and LinkedIn banners, we provided other brand assets such as a copywriting document, presentation template, business cards, and email signatures.

We coded the website on a staging domain, allowing the client to monitor progress in real-time. Afterward, we migrated the website to the client’s server, successfully launched it, and completed the integration and automation. Our collaboration with the client continues beyond the successful launch, as we also provide ongoing maintenance for their website.

new brand design and a completely revamped website have become the center of all marketing initiatives.

Building the brand and website wasn’t just fun but also a great experience in learning how to approach the website presentation of businesses with a relatively large number of services while keeping simplicity and user experience as primary metrics.

In the end, we prepared a lot of visual assets for presentations, emails, social media templates, and some print assets. More importantly, the entire online presence is now unified and truly differentiated from other local and even country-level competitors.

The only remaining next step is to continue supporting the great work Auventa is doing.

The team at Outgrow are true professionals and experts at what they do. They helped completely transform our company website and provided us with a ton of value throughout the entire engagement. What we appreciated the most was their collaborative approach and effort to understand our business, resulting in a final product that turned out better than we could imagine.

Terrance Li


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