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Consulting websites – how to leverage your call to action for better conversions

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On the internet, there are many online guides that offer broad advice on creating a call to action (CTA) section for your website—conduct research, identify your target audience, and test different CTAs. While these tips are true, they often lack actionable steps, leaving you unsure of how to proceed. That’s why we’ve created this article specifically tailored to enhancing the CTA section for your consulting business, aiming to boost your conversion rates significantly. Drawing from thousands of hours of experience with consulting websites, we’ve distilled our insights into actionable advice. By the end of this article, you’ll be equipped to craft a compelling CTA that resonates with your business’s unique needs.

Note that while this article focuses on consulting businesses, many of these principles and suggestions can be applied to all other industries.

What is the call to action and why it’s so important?

Before we get into the details, let’s clarify what a call to action (CTA) is. Officially, it’s a marketing term used to direct or encourage an action from the reader. The goal of a CTA is to prompt the audience to take the next step, furthering their journey down the conversion funnel. For consulting businesses, common CTAs include prompts to fill out a contact form or schedule a free consultation call.

The CTA at the end of a landing page is the most critical element for conversions. Even if the rest of the landing page is only average, an exceptional CTA section can lead to great conversions. However, the reverse is rarely true. That’s why our discussion will zero in on optimizing this crucial section of the landing page.

How should the CTA section NOT look like

When you launched your consulting business, you likely analyzed your competitors and noticed that over 90% of their CTA sections look like this:

Do any of these CTA sections truly excite you to move forward with the business? The answer is probably not. This is often because these CTA sections lack key elements that could persuade someone to act. The answers to questions like these:

– Why should I engage?

– What comes after I do?

– How much time will it take?

– And more

People are naturally inclined to find reasons NOT to take action rather than reasons to proceed. By addressing these hesitations, we can dramatically improve conversion rates. And we will show you how.

Crafting the best CTA section

As mentioned earlier, the most effective CTA sections address and overcome potential objections. Here are the key factors that can help you achieve this.

Irresistible proposition

If you’re looking to convert leads through your website, you’ll need an irresistible proposition. As the name implies, this is an offer so compelling that it effectively addresses questions like “Why should I get in touch with you?” or “What’s in it for me?”

Crafting such a proposition isn’t always easy, so based on our experience, we’ve compiled a list of proven and highly effective propositions to help guide you.

Value from the free consultation call

If your proposition involves offering a free consultation call, it’s crucial to clearly articulate what the audience will gain from it. Will they receive actionable steps to solve their problem? Or perhaps insights on how they can boost their sales by 10%, just as you have successfully done for past clients? Be specific about the value of the consultation call to ensure prospects understand it’s not merely a typical sales pitch but a genuine opportunity for them to gain benefits from the call.

Document with tailored solutions

Following up a free consultation call with a document that provides a specific step-by-step solution to solve the prospect’s problem is an excellent strategy. This not only showcases your expertise but can also significantly improve your close rate as prospects evaluate different vendors. When crafting your CTA, remember to highlight that this follow-up is a no-obligation, free offer, and emphasize that the prospects are free to use the information however they choose. Clarifying this helps alleviate any hesitations they might have, encouraging them to take the next step.


Offering valuable checklists in your CTA section is another effective way to enhance conversions. When prospects book a call or fill out a form, they can receive a checklist tailored to address specific challenges they are encountering. For instance, if you’re a sales consultant, you could provide a checklist detailing common sales mistakes and how to solve them, which would be highly valuable to potential leads. By providing solutions to their issues, you not only demonstrate your expertise but also make it significantly easier to close deals.


Similar to checklists, enticing your audience with highly valuable e-books and guides can significantly boost conversions. These resources should offer a detailed, step-by-step guide to solve their specific problems. It’s important not to hold back on sharing your expertise. Businesses often seek consultants not just for tailored solutions but for someone who can effectively implement these solutions as well. By demonstrating your knowledge through these materials, you further establish your expertise, which makes closing deals much easier.

Provide next steps

Providing next steps may seem obvious and not necessary, but providing detailed descriptions of what happens after a prospect fills out a form or schedules a call is more important than it appears. Confusion and hesitation is a big killer of conversions so you want to make sure people know what comes next after they fill in the form or schedule a call with you. Will you get back to them within 24 hours? How and when will they get the free e-book from the proposition? Is it immediately sent to their email or later after the call? Overcome all of their possible objections to increase conversions.

Tailored to specific landing pages

Given that you likely have multiple offerings that address different problems, it’s advantageous not to limit yourself to a single proposition. Consider using an e-book for one offering and a checklist for another. This approach not only diversifies your engagement strategies but also boosts conversions by tailoring propositions to meet specific needs.


Crafting an exceptional call to action section is essential for turning your consulting website into a high-conversion powerhouse. By carefully addressing potential client hesitations and objections with tailored solutions—such as detailed consultations, step-by-step guides, and actionable checklists—you not only showcase your expertise but also clearly demonstrate the immediate value you offer. Remember, making your CTAs irresistible and transparently communicating the next steps are crucial for minimizing confusion and maximizing engagement, thereby smoothly converting leads into satisfied clients.

Are you looking to craft an irresistible call to action but not sure how to do it? Get in touch with us! Our senior marketing expert will share how we can help you increase your conversions by at least 20% with our CTA optimization services, ensuring an ROI within 3 months.


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