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Daily agenda automation

Automate your daily agenda business operation, ROI within 3 months

Save time and resources by automating your daily tasks

There are many manual tasks and activities you and your team are doing on a daily basis. Imagine reclaiming precious minutes, and in some cases, even hours each day by automating your workflows and processes. This not only saves valuable resources but also enhances scalability and reduces errors. By implementing the right tools and workflows, we can deliver a custom solution tailored to your organization and guarantee a return on investment within 3 months.

Automate your daily tasks with 3 months guaranteed ROI

First, we’ll begin with understanding your daily tasks, processes, tools, platforms, and what tasks you’d like to have automated. Based on your feedback, we’ll provide insights into what’s feasible and the potential benefits in terms of time saved, resources, and more.

Our automation process involves integrating various tools (some of which you may already use) and configuring interactions based on specific conditions. This mirrors the way you or your employees perform tasks, but with the added benefit of instant, error-free execution, thanks to our friendly robot partner.

We’ll guide you through the entire process, carefully integrating automated systems into your business and show you have to use them. Thanks to comprehensive testing and fine-tuning, you’ll get a tailored system delivering the desired results in no time.

Benefits across all your organisation

Project management

Efficient project management is vital for your business, but it often involves numerous time-consuming manual tasks. However, by seamlessly integrating various project management tools and implementing automated workflows like sending, sharing, and approving tasks, we can not only save you valuable time but also eliminate human errors when working on deliverables.

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Stay on top of every crucial notification that demands your or your team’s attention with our robust notification system. We’ll create a seamless setup that ensures timely alerts for essential tasks like invoice approvals, new assignments, and more. All your notifications will be in one place and sorted based on custom criteria. With this system in place, you’ll never miss a critical update again, ensuring smooth workflows and efficient task management.

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Customer care

Streamline customer care with our automated workflows that efficiently address all customer queries. By implementing a comprehensive system, we’ll sort and categorize queries using custom criteria, assign appropriate tags, and automatically delegate support tickets to the relevant team members. Additionally, our system continuously monitors query statuses, ensuring timely responses and seamless customer support, and more.

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Calendar and planning

Save valuable time and effort in scheduling internal and external meetings with automation. Our custom-tailored sequences handle tasks such as sharing meeting notes, inviting colleagues, sending email notifications to attendees, and more. By simplifying the entire workflow, you can now set up meetings efficiently and focus on more important aspects of your work.

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Documents and cloud

Simplify document management and collaboration on the cloud through automation. Our expertise allows us to create various templates for your documents, streamlining the process. With automated access controls, relevant team members will receive permissions instantly. Seamlessly share specific files between cloud platforms and enjoy enhanced collaboration. Let us streamline your document handling, saving time and effort, so you can focus on more critical tasks.

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Boost your collaboration and overall productivity within your team by automating your internal communication. By streamlining email processes such as sending, forwarding, and including relevant recipients, we ensure everyone stays informed and aligned. Embrace seamless communication that keeps everyone on the same page with all the relevant information at their fingertips.

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